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Finally, back in the studio

Posted in Contemorary Art, Literature, Pop-culture, Social Science, Technique with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on 5 August, 2009 by endlessslug

Today, a new painting begins.  It’s been a long time.  I just finished the underpainting and it’s already looking fantastic.  I hope I don’t screw it up tomorrow!
It’s always a nice feeling to work on art, no matter if it’s a painting, a poem, a dance, or fashion. It’s not the act of creating and definitely not the act of expressing, but the feeling that you are explaining something, finally, that your mind was occupied with.  Art, again, in all forms is the act of communication of a complex idea which can be exchanged in no other way.  Art is always communication – if it’s just for you, you failed – with the possible exception of a more universal sense of ‘you’.

I painted today because I felt like an old master.  Or, rather, I felt as a confident master.  I received a book in the mail today, The Materials of the Artist and Their Use in Painting by Max Doerner.  The introduction alone was all that I needed to know that I have been right all along: art is science.  When art becomes like the hyper-masturbatory post-modern wall-damage that we see in galleries today, something is greatly wrong and missing from the world of art.  I used to like to complain about this with no real reason that would affect anyone else, but lately, due to unemployment, I realized just why this is such a problem.  By having anyone try to be an artist with no formal grounding or training, by having a very free society that placates mediocre accomplishments that can lead to pop-culture fame and income even from the bottom-of-the-barrel, and by having a folklore or belief system which tells people daily that they only need ‘to find their hidden gift’ or somesuch crap, we have constructed a world where should one want to produce anything of quality that improves our psychological standards of living, they cannot.  I would like to live as a full-time artist, for example, and I have a good friend who wants to live as a full-time writer – but we cannot do this in a world where crap is king.  Anyone who can simply produce eye-candy for a mass population takes the jobs away from us who ought to have them, which further demonstrates some hollow sense of ‘yes our belief was true, anyone can succeed!’ leading once again to a downward spiral of copycats, hipsters, wanna-bes, and hero-worship instead of learning how to effectively and efficiently create functional and long-lasting, powerful works of art defining not only us but our generation, our place in history, and improving our income and standard of living.  Anyone seen a movie lately?

Alright, that was more rant than demonstrations or explanations. I believe I owe that to any readers out there.  For now, go read something you didn’t find on the shelf at Borders and I’ll get back to some writing later tonight.