About the Slug

Time for a fresh start.

I graduated with a BFA in Studio Painting from Northern Illinois University back in 2000. During my time at NIU, I studied art basically as a complete newcomer, with fresh eyes towards everything that I could learn about art. I was lucky to have a few very excellent instructors right before they had retired. One of their most important lessons to me was that the future of fine art in the contemporary west is dismal at best. There are too many plebeians creating what they call ‘art’ these days armed with post-modern and post-structuralist narratives which defend anyone’s ideas as being just as good as anyone else’s ideas. This is simply not the case. There is a distinction, and ought to be a continuing distinction between refined, communicative, clear Fine Art, and the art of the expressive community. This latter form has inundated the contemporary media world so thoroughly that defining and developing the former is increasingly difficult, if not already to the point of impossibility without some sort of conceptual cataclysm.

I left the art world after finding that the world of the painter is a dead one. By 2007, I had earned both a BA and MA in Cultural Anthropology with focus in Eastern European Studies, Southeast Asia Studies, Play Theory, and Gender Studies. Finding the academic anthropological world also lacking due to this regime or ridiculous post-modernist thought, combined with the embrace of momentary pop-culture, I have once again had to change my interests.

At the present, I believe it is time to continue to explore what was lost since about 1975 – difficult as I was not born until 1977. The search is on.

An Orange Fish

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