Another Bags Sighting!

For those of you following this ridiculousness, I posted about a “Bags” arcade game a few months ago and the post drew a number of emails of sightings of these things across the country.  I just found yet another machine while picking up some lasagna from the local Pizza Hut.  This brings the number of Bags machines within 5 miles of me to 5.  Yes, five.  I would love to see the sort of revenue these things actually pull in.


4 Responses to “Another Bags Sighting!”

  1. Saw one a few months back at the Kelsey Road House in Barrington. I found out I was no better at Bags on a video game than I was in real life.


  2. madaardvark Says:



    • endlessslug Says:

      I laughed so hard I cried. Or did I cry so hard I laughed?

      My favorite quote: “Nice”

      I can’t believe this thing costs $1 per player. Also, the animators created a special sub-urban park for their bags arena… like a tennis court. Are they trying to say that this thing is a legitimate sport, or should be?



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