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Another Bags Sighting!

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For those of you following this ridiculousness, I posted about a “Bags” arcade game a few months ago and the post drew a number of emails of sightings of these things across the country.  I just found yet another machine while picking up some lasagna from the local Pizza Hut.  This brings the number of Bags machines within 5 miles of me to 5.  Yes, five.  I would love to see the sort of revenue these things actually pull in.


Watchtower is now Published!

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Hey fans, a number of my ink illustrations and an oil painted illustration can be found in the new rpg module from Johnny Rook Games called Watchtower on the Hill.  If you’re a fan of games, role-playing games, or just want to collect all the slug work you can, check them out.  All the art in the module is courtesy of the Endless Slug.

Johnny Rook Games Website (PS, check out the shirts on their CafePress site – they’re cool!)

Order the module direct from

Get a few prints of some of the illustrations at Endless Slug’s Imagekind Page

Some New, Some Old

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Just a small update

I’ve been working on getting my first illustrated book published and riding the wave of excitement from my recognition at last month, so I decided to wait a bit before posting again.

I was able to wrangle someone’s digital camera to take some shots of some new and old work and started posting it on my websites.  First up, is this old oil painting from college:

This painting was actually one of my very first oil paintings.  I’ve always enjoyed it, as have many visitors to my places of residence.  This is one of the only pieces of my own work which I ever display publically.

Secondly, a new work which I posted on the slug blog a little while ago, but here is a better image of it:

I haven’t drawn these geometric pastel works in almost ten years!  So I decided to try my hand again.  Lo and behold, I can still produce these babies like a factory.  If anyone out there likes these drawings, I’ll be happy to make an original one for you.  I should note that I was not that happy with this particular pink and green one; colors = eww.  But it still feels like a place in space and that’s really the goal.  Even if that place happens to be some sort of retro 80’s neon fantasy.

Click on the Endless Slug links to the right to head over to my galleries to buy either the originals or some prints – or shirts and mugs! Yup, buy some stuff from the slug!  I have to pay my rent…