New Work and Days Lost to Video Games

I decided to begin a new series of about 10-15 new pastel drawings over the weekend.  I cleaned up the dusty studio a bit but then decided to move a tarp to my bedroom/livingroom and work like I used to when I was in college.  It was pretty sweet.  I was able to churn out one nice new drawing in a few hours – at least to a done but not quite finished state – and fix up an old drawing that was sitting in my studio for a couple of years.  The older drawing still needs to be finished, but I completely re-did the thing and it looks much better than the one before.  I was also able to check out a new medium I was experimenting with on oil paintings about two months ago.  I wanted to see what this mixture looked like after drying for a time.  It looks pretty good.  Now I just need to finish the painting.  So many works unfinished these days…

Once I locate a means to take new images, I will post some of this new work on the blog and on my artspan and possibly zatista sites.  I have a large amount of work to add to these sites, and I need to invert a number of the images too since my slides were backwards when I scanned them.  I didn’t realize they were backwards until I went through the original works last month and re-boxed them.  I had the originals stored in a very nasty spot which caused a bit more damage than I would have liked to the drawings.  They are still fine, just not “as” fine as they were when first completed.  The impermanence of pastel is unforgiving.

I’ve lost a few days of working from being addicted to Civilization IV.  I have loved these games since the first one many many years ago.  I should note, however, that by “lost” I refer to losing days of working on art directly.  I never really feel a day has been “wasted” which “lost” usually implies, while playing Civ.  This game has brought me endless ideas and understandings of systems and processes, even if the newer games are falling quickly to an inane multi-player, speed-gaming, pro-combat world.  The games, to me, are engaging and refreshing (of my mind).  Once, I tried scheduling days just for civ, followed by days of working on paintings or drawings.  Wow, that was a mistake.  Now I let my mood guide me like I should have from the start.  If I wake up today and want to draw, I will draw.  If I wake up and want to finish that war with Montezuma of the French, I will end him.

Yesterday, I lost a day to Grand Theft Auto 3.  I bought this game when I bought my PS2 back in 2004.  I played it a couple times but never really got into it very much and had trouble with a couple of early missions.  So, with nothing really else to do, I decided to try it again but this time just run around the city and not do the missions right away.  Much better.  A whole day lost to the island.  But then the rest of my night I spent sending destroyers against triremes.  Awesome.  Tomorrow, I am sure to hit the oils.


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