Ovat Punches Knowledge and Art Square in the Balls, Once Again

So, I’m feeling pretty ill today, can’t work, can’t be in the studio, I can do very little but eat and play some video games. I decided to throw on Ovat yet again to see what’s up in the contemporary art scene. Ovat’s been running a number of specials on music, dance, and inspirational teachers lately which has been alright, but I was hoping to get back to the painters. Today, there is a special running about Andrew Rogers. Rogers thinks himself an artist and travels the world dropping massive stone geoglyphs in remote areas with some need to spread some sort of philosophical vision to the world. I come from a background in art and anthropology with specializations in archaeology and belief systems. Rogers is a complete hack-asshole. How self-righteous, self-centered, and ignorant can we possibly be when we have such a pompous and arrogant mentality where we feel we can drop a turd in the middle of a number of small societies in the world, preaching some sort of universal about spirituality? I’m all about universals, but make sure it’s friggin’ universal and not just your interpretation of what universal means. I don’t even know if Rogers asked permission for any of these sites or if the folks there even fully understood who this foreigner was, destroying our pasture lands and indigenous landscapes. If these people really wanted a massive geoglyph (which, by the way, these are not), they would make it themselves.

What a dick.

This came off a bit more ranty than usual. Again, not feeling well here, and I think this just lost a little more hope for the human condition from me.


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