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Ovat.  There are so many mixed feelings I have about this channel.  Never is there anything just ‘ok’ on the air.  Usually, Ovat programming consists of either excellent coverage of art and artists, or complete bottom-of-the-barrel contemporary attempts at making art.  The first time I put the channel on, a special covering the work of Francis Bacon aired.  This is the contemporary artist Bacon, not the scientist.  The episode on Bacon was excellent and I felt covered his work and ideas about art fantastically while directly educating a public audience.  A few weeks later, flipping to Ovat again, I found a special 3-4 hour long “update” on Dante’s Divine Comedy using, of course, contemporary themes and speech as well as some sort of computer-aided stop-motion, semi-animated, self-proclaimed puppetry.  This was by-far one of the worse travesties of art and literature I have ever – no, mankind has ever witnessed.  Coming in a close second or third is anything made by Kenneth Branagh or Ten Things I Hate About You starring the late and ridiculously overrated, Heath Ledger.

Today, Ovat had a special on Rothko.  I have no idea how old this special is so many of you may have seen this before but for me, it was my first time seeing it.  Admittedly, I knew very little about Rothko and never really cared much for the work.  As I have aged, a strong respect and understanding of his work has grown – thus my interest in viewing the special.  Overall, this special was very good and well-researched.  With one exception: two post-modernist “interpretations” of Rothko’s meanings and images.  What a complete mess.  As usual, these folks who for some reason have actual paid jobs in the art world have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.  One of the most important things about the nature of refined art is art’s ability to communicate complex ideas and experiences in very economical, often innovative ways.  The post-modern discourse, as usual, is full of pointless polarity in thought and poorly thought out.  As a huge supporter of proper academic study of the arts, the TV lectures of these people in this Rothko special saddened me greatly.  In between these useless, hollow utterances, we are told about Rothko’s life and how much he strove for a refined perfection in his work, the work’s presentation, those that would review it, and those that surrounded him.  Apparently, Rothko selected those people he felt were able to ‘properly’ criticize his work.  Then we’re thrown back to the logos-diarrhea that vomited from the mouth of some hack self-educated contemporary critic and I could just feel Rothko’s eyes roll back in his head in disgust and dismay.  Post-modernism is a massive roadblock in the path to knowledge evidenced in every commercial break and every other special on Ovat.  Seriously, when do we tell art students to STOP and go live a life first before they try to create something?  But I suppose we’re leading quickly into a post for another day.


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