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The state of art today is crap.

I left the art world back in 2000 because the state of art at that time was essentially “whatever you think about [x] is the best answer and nobody can argue you because everything is opinion”.  During my art training, it was made very aware to me that art is not opinion at all but is a carefully designed conclusion to observed social phenomena.  The lessons of post-structuralism were completely lost to a public who can walk down to Blick’s and pick up some paint and throw it on a canvas telling the world that all art is pure expression.  Granted, it is nice that most folks have access to the materials of an artist, but most people lack the knowledge of what to do with them.  I recall a past where ideas were rampant and the ability to communicate these ideas with people was the limit.  Things are seemingly reversed in our contemporary world.

Artists are taught today that everyone’s idea or question is important.  This is untrue.

Artists are taught that they should express.  They should not.

Artists are taught just to draw anything as fast as they can.  This is terrible, it’s called sketching, not a work of art.

Unfortunately, the public has learned this nasty little word: elite and it’s application as elitism.  The moment anyone who has knowledge about the function and behavior of art attempts to criticize work, they may be labeled an elitist simply because the artist or others in the area disagreed.  There is no personal confrontations, no dialog, no communication, no discourse.  Simply ideas tossed around with no sense of support, analysis, testing, or conclusions.

Yes, I now have a firm background in science and have learned how important the study of science is to everyone, including artists.  Make conclusions people, not clownish emotive messes.


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