Prints are back!

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Hey folks, just wanted to update everyone that I got back into my ImageKind account, finally, so prints are now for sale again.  Being the artist living on these things, I urge everyone to buy stuff.  Get some cafepress shirts, get some prints (especially those cool large canvas prints that you can put over a futon), and/or just flat-out support me over at Patreon.  Psst, supporting can get you free shirts and prints too…  maybe even a sticker!

Who’s an unfortunate art whore?  This guy.

Slug out.




Direct Support!




An Orange Fish


Patreon Begins

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Heya folks – I just set up and launched my first Patreon site. I’m hoping to earn just a wee bit of studio money this way.  I’ll be posting developmental work and new work on that site so if you like what I do, check it out and keep on checking.  There’s just so much to do!!

Link to new site:

Rebuilding, Preparing

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The Slug has a lot going on these days and time is more limited than ever before.  That said, the studio is coming together, but slowly.  For reference, after a very long sabbatical, I’ve decided upon a new body of work, possibly two or so because The Slug can’t just do one…  However, The Slug is also hella broke and getting the materials and space ready to create is a hassle, besides the security of extra funding to keep the psyche clear.  For those of you who actually do fine art, you know that creation doesn’t happen when one is an anxiety ridden mess.  You need clarity, security, and some sense of happiness in order to get anything done.  Broke depressive artist = bad artist.  Don’t believe the hype!

Anyway, I will keep everyone posted as the work continues.  I’m going to contact my old agent soon and see about getting gallery space again, and a friend introduced me to Patreon, so I’ll most likely start that up soon too.  Lots to do.  Really though, the most important thing is the work.  Without that, what’s the point of the rest eh?

Buy stuff.

Slug out.

Yawn and Stretch

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Tiny eyestalks stir…

Eyes blink with sleep…

The Slug awakens again… to find a world, and himself, changed.

The world is large and the slug is small, let him sit and think awhile.

The Endless Slug Will Sleep a While

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Well, gentle readers, it appears the slug must unfortunately slumber for a while during a potentially very long winter.  In a week or so, I will be taking my blog down, or at least limiting access to it for an indeterminate time.  It’s not that I want to, there is a bit of external pressure to do so for the time being.  I have much more to say, much more to do, and lots of interest in doing it, but for now, the slug absolutely must find a quiet stone to slime his way under and rest, just rest.

But don’t worry, the slug is endless and will return.  Wish my sleep well everyone.

Work, of the Type I Dislike

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The slug found himself a job.  It’s one of those jobs that kills all creativity and time, yet kind of pays the bills.  My new workmates like to remind me (constantly) that “it’s money, right?”


Yes, I get paid, but so what?  My interests are broader and I was getting along while also building two different companies.  I was producing, I was beginning a successful climb towards my own agenda of success and quality workmanship.  But now I must toil at a graveyard-shift shit-pile of a job and make way less than the average employee (as I’m considered a “temp”), and get absolutely no new work accomplished.  I know its difficult for a non-artist/writer to understand sometimes, but artists no matter what the type require time, above all, to complete projects.  In fact, we need time just to think and design a project.  We cannot simply sit down for 30 minutes at a time between meals or social events or work and be expected to pump out masterpieces – or anything at all.  The mundane world sees this as “correct” – that now artists and writers must make themselves a “decent” or “honorable” living because the general public believes very little in what we do for them.  And of course, there are artists and writers out there that have really made a terrible image for the rest of us working little and pissing out terrible work for a high profit return (cf Andy Warhol).  I would encourage the public to see artists as carpenters or other construction laborers, and no different, as much as popular artists, or the “artist you know” would like you to think otherwise.  Artists are craftsmen and women like any other, but our work is often situational and based on life experience, not a directly or obviously functional device like a house or car.  This is also not to take away from the artistic elements of the work that other craftsmen do.  I saw a forklift driver the other night whom I felt was a fine artist of truck loading, for example.  The difference between us is only that I (or any other artist) focus on the artistic/aesthetic and secondly on function; just a reverse of the practical consensus.  I wish we could be paid by the hour to create our structures, our homes, our food, our art, but this cannot be.  I don’t blame the public here, I blame artists in conjunction with a cultural mentality that we must all find some sense of uniqueness to consume and compete with.  A mixture of protestant ethic and capitalism, combined with contemporary reliance on spectacle and immediate gratification.  A competition for the shock, as it were, as a means to qualify for a self-defined (yet with immense lacking of experience) sense of personal hard work in the completion of a sub-standard pile of regurgitated sameness steamers.

You can make something new and important and be paid for it.  Relax.

I’m Published Again

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Johnny Rook Games has published a second book illustrated entirely by me, including the cover painting.

Check it out at:

I’m currently signed on to do a number of further books which should also be available as soon as I can do the illustrations.